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Knotgrass (lat.Polygonum aviculare) is a plant from the knotweed family (Polygonaceae), common throughout the globe, although the source of its spread..

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Knotgrass (lat.Polygonum aviculare) is a plant from the knotweed family (Polygonaceae), common throughout the globe, although the source of its spread was the northern hemisphere. It is a small plant, usually creeping up to 50cm in length. It has small, oblong leaves and inconspicuous white-red-green flowers. It blooms from June to October. It is a common roadside weed and likes riverside areas. This tiny plant, however, has valuable healing properties.


Health properties

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antiatherosclerotic;
  • Diuretic; 
  • Antimicrobial; 
  • Antiviral;
  • Antiallergic.



  • Urinary system diseases - cystitis, nephritis and kidney stones;
  • It is also used in the treatment of edema; 
  • In rheumatic diseases and hypertension;
  • It is recommended in the therapeutic treatment of heavy menstruation;
  • As a remedy for problems with blood clotting;
  • It is recommended for people with stomach ulcers;
  • In diseases of the respiratory system as an expectorant (thanks to the content of mucus);
  • Externally, it will be useful for washing wounds and ulcers, the healing of which speeds up; In addition, it can be used to rinse the throat in case of inflammation in the mouth.


Dosage and how to use


Brew 1 tablespoon of the herb with a glass of boiling water. Brew covered for 10 minutes. Drain.

Drink half a glass of warm infusion 5 times a day during kidney diseases, cystitis and kidney stones.

Infusion for prostate enlargement

100g of knotweed herb and a basket of chamomile, 50g of maize stigma, loaf root, black currant leaves, wild strawberry leaves, lingonberry leaves, bilberry leaves and raspberry leaves should be mixed well. Brew a teaspoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water. Brew covered for half an hour. Drain. To treat prostatic hyperplasia, drink a glass of hot infusion 2 times a day after eating.


Side effects

None reported.


With long-term treatment with bird knotweed, vitamin B1 supplementation should be started - the diuretic properties of knotweed affect its flushing from the body, which may cause deficiencies. In addition, preparations with knotweed must not be used in case of allergy to sun rays, angina, phlebitis, tendency to gain weight, herpes, diabetes and heart attacks.


100% natural, organic, no additives.

Our herbs are certified to not contain allergens and are GMO free, organic. Carefully collected from their wild sites. Free from environmental pollutions.

Packed in a paper pouch with ziplock, heat sealed to preserve the aroma and properties.


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