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Mistletoe Herb (lat. Visci Herba) from the earliest times it was considered a unique plant, it was worshiped as a God and sacrifices were made. Mistle..

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Mistletoe Herb (lat. Visci Herba) from the earliest times it was considered a unique plant, it was worshiped as a God and sacrifices were made. Mistletoe, its healing properties and occurrence were first described by Theophrastus, a student of Aristotle. For a very long time in Europe, it was considered the most effective drug against epilepsy - especially mistletoe growing on oak trees. In Japan, on the other hand, it was used to prepare a medicine against female infertility. Today, mistletoe has a slightly different use.


Health properties

  • Has a calming effect;
  • Diuretic;
  • Increases the frequency of heart contractions;
  • Dilates blood vessels;
  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • Has a cytoxic effect (helpful assistance with anti-tumor therapies);
  • It contains lectins, polysaccharides, sugar alcohols, amino acids, avonoids, phytosterols. Thanks to these peptides, it has a wide range of medicinal applications;
  • It is also part of preparations that alleviate various ailments occurring during menopause.



  • Used in the treatment of neoplastic diseases. They help with many aspects of these diseases: they improve appetite, reduce sleep problems, reduce pain;
  • Used in arterial hypertension; 
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Coronary artery disease;
  • May contribute to the reduction of the risk of a heart attack;
  • Any pain ailments, including menstrual pain;
  • It can support people with sleep disorders, insomnia and those leading a stressful lifestyle;
  • It can be helpful in depression because it works by several mechanisms to lower stress hormones;
  • It increases the production of insulin in the cells of the pancreas, thus helping to maintain the proper level of glucose in the blood. This could be a new direction for diabetes management.


Dosage and how to use


Pour a tablespoon of the ground herb with a glass of boiled lukewarm water and set aside for 30-60 minutes. Drink 1/3 cup 2-3 times a day - it helps to lower and regulate blood pressure, soothes hyperactivity and irritability occurring during menopause.


Pour a handful of herb with 2 cups of water and heat slowly, not allowing it to boil. Cover and heat for 5 more minutes, almost to the boil. Drain - use for sit baths as an aid in the treatment of vaginal discharge and inflammation of the genital organs.


Side effects

No serious side effects from overdose or long-term use have been reported, mistletoe used in excess may cause stomach upset (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, colic), and even delirium and seizures.


Mistletoe is a plant with quite a strong effect on the human body. The initiation of treatment with mistletoe preparations should be discussed with your doctor. Is not recommended for peoples with liver diseases and alcoholism. It is not recommended to use preparations with mistletoe in children and adolescents, as well as in pregnant and breastfeeding women, because it has not been established whether their use in these groups is safe. Mistletoe contains viscumin in its leaves. It is a substance that irritates the digestive tract and is toxic to animals. If a dog or cat consumes this plant, severe poisoning and even death can occur. Pets can have digestive problems, heart rhythm disturbances, and shortness of breath. Therefore, keep them away from mistletoe and preparations with its ingredients.


100% natural, organic, no additives.

Our herbs are certified to not contain allergens and are GMO free, organic. Carefully collected from their wild sites. Free from environmental pollutions.

Packed in a paper pouch with ziplock, heat sealed to preserve the aroma and properties.


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