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Cramp Bark (lat. Viburnum Opulus) Viburnum is a shrub with sumptuous white flowers and tiny red fruits. Due to its appearance, it is eagerly grown in ..

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Cramp Bark (lat. Viburnum Opulus) Viburnum is a shrub with sumptuous white flowers and tiny red fruits. Due to its appearance, it is eagerly grown in the garden, but also grows in the wild near water reservoirs - near ponds, streams, ponds. It is a symbol of virginity, it has appeared many times in the works of poets. Its health properties have been known for centuries. It is used in natural medicine. Its fruits and bark are the most valuable, although the roots and flowers are also processed. The plant has gained popularity because its fruits are not only great for all preserves, but are also rich in vitamins C and A. 


Health properties

  • Has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the uterus and reduces their tension;
  • Antihaemorrhagic properties;
  • Mildly astringent properties;
  • Antibacterial properties;
  • It is also a digestive aid (due to the content of organic acids that increase the secretion of salivary glands, gastric and pancreatic juices), eliminating colic and intestinal cramps.



  • It is used as an aid in the treatment of dysmenorrhea and uterine contractions;
  • They inhibit slight bleeding from the reproductive organs, which is why viburnum is recommended for women struggling with too heavy menstruation. The cortex is also effective in alleviating the discomfort of the menopause period;
  • After consulting a doctor, it can also be used by pregnant women, as it has been shown that viburnum bark extract prevents unstoppable vomiting and nervous disorders during pregnancy, as well as leg cramps;
  • It is used in the event of a risk of miscarriage as well as in premature births;
  • In numerous ailments of the digestive system, incl. in gastric and duodenal ulcers. Due to the tannin content and antibacterial properties, they are also recommended as a remedy for diarrhea;
  • Treatment of varicose veins of the limbs and anus thanks to its strengthening effect on the vascular system.


Dosage and how to use


2 teaspoons of bark pour 200ml of cool water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Then brew, covered, for about 30 minutes. Strain. Drink over the course of 3 or 4 doses.


50g of shredded viburnum bark pour 150ml of 40-50% alcohol heated to a temperature of about 60 degrees. Close the vessel tightly and leave it for maceration in a dark place for at least 7 days. One week later, filter, pour into a bottle. Consume half a teaspoon 2-3 times a day as an analgesic and prevent uterine contractions.


Side effects

None reported.


People struggling with chronic diseases and taking medication regularly should consult a doctor before consuming viburnum.

Cramp bark contains relatively large amounts of tannins, so using it can cause in sensitive people:

  • Stomach pain;
  • Intestinal disorders;
  • Nausea;
  • Headaches;
  • Weakness;
  • In allergy sufferers, tannins can even cause anaphylactic shock.


100% natural, organic, no additives.

Our herbs are certified to not contain allergens and are GMO free, organic. Carefully collected from their wild sites. Free from environmental pollutions.

Packed in a paper pouch with ziplock, heat sealed to preserve the aroma and properties.


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