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Goldenrod Herb (lat.Solidago Virgaurea L.) known in folk medicine as a goldsmith, golden rod, golden virgin, red mark. It is a species of perennial pl..

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Goldenrod Herb (lat.Solidago Virgaurea L.) known in folk medicine as a goldsmith, golden rod, golden virgin, red mark. It is a species of perennial plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is a perennial with a branched stem, alternating raised elliptical leaves. In particular, it is found in Europe, Asia and North America. In Poland, it grows all over the country. It can be found mainly in the lowlands, mountain lowlands, field edges, pastures, forests.


Health properties

  • It has an astringent effect;
  • Anti-inflammatory; 
  • Sealing for blood vessels;
  • Diuretic;
  • Antithrombotic;
  • It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and bile;



  • For dressing wounds - accelerates healing by reducing bleeding and pulling the wound;
  • Supports the treatment of digestive disorders (gas, gas, indigestion or stomach and intestinal problems);
  • Also suitable for rinsing the mouth and throat;
  • An infusion of goldenrod can be helpful in washing the seborrheic skin, acne, and inflammation of the hair follicles. Cleans, reduces pores, brightens the complexion. It has drying, anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic properties;
  • In diseases of the urinary tract, kidneys, renal colic, and even joint ailments;
  • It is effective in coughing, asthma attacks, and bronchitis.


Dosage and how to use


Pour 1 tablespoon of goldenrod herb with a glass of boiling water, and then let it brew, covered, for 15-20 minutes. After straining, drink twice a day. The infusion is also suitable for external use.

Tincture (Method I)

50g of goldenrod herb pour 750ml of boiling water, then cover and set aside for 30 minutes. Then strain the infusion and add half a liter of 96% spirit. Mix everything and, after cooling, strain it again. Pour the tincture into bottles. Use it three times a day, mixing 20-30 drops with water.

The tincture seals the capillary walls, influences metabolism, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and diuretic properties.

Tincture (Method II)

  • 100g of goldenrod herb,
  • 400ml of 40 percent alcohol.

Crush the goldenrod and pour hot alcohol. Leave for 14 days. Then filter. Drink one small glass a day.


Side effects

None reported.


Before using goldenrod herb, consult your doctor about its use. The goldenrod herb is considered safe, but it should not be administered in cases of edema caused by heart and/or kidney failure. It should also not be used in children under 12 without consulting a doctor.


100% natural, organic, no additives.

Our herbs are certified to not contain allergens and are GMO free, organic. Carefully collected from their wild sites. Free from environmental pollutions.

Packed in a paper pouch with ziplock, heat sealed to preserve the aroma and properties.


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