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Mullein Flower (lat.Verbascum thapsus) also called by some "royal candle" because of its yellow petals, is most often found in wild meadows and fields..

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Mullein Flower (lat.Verbascum thapsus) also called by some "royal candle" because of its yellow petals, is most often found in wild meadows and fields. Mullein flowers are a valuable herbal material, they have a sweet-honey flavor. The relief that the mullein flower brings to the respiratory system is not its only advantage. This plant is also an excellent source of flavonoids to fight free radicals. It also contains vegetable tannins, which are perfect for external use. They exhibit bactericidal and astringent properties which accelerate wound healing.


Health properties

  • Antiviral;
  • Protecting the stomach and intestines in inflammation;
  • Thinning phlegm and facilitating expectoration;
  • Soothing in the case of sore throat and hoarseness;
  • Supporting the treatment of burns, bedsores and bruises;
  • Improves the body's immunity;
  • Has a soothing effect on digestive system ailments and supports the regeneration of the gastric mucosa;
  • It is helpful, among others, in diarrhea and indigestion, and also brings relief during intestinal colic.



  • Bronchitis;
  • Dry cough;
  • Asthma;
  • Sore throat and hoarseness;
  • Gastritis;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Intestinal colic;
  • Bruises, wounds, bedsores, burns;
  • Rheumatic diseases;
  • Acne.


Dosage and how to use


To prepare it, pour one tablespoon of dried mullein with boiling water, and then let it brew, covered, for 15 minutes. The resulting infusion should be taken 2-3 times a day in small amounts. You can also drink half a glass at a time by adding raspberry juice or honey to the drink.

The mullein flower also has disinfecting properties, therefore the cooled infusion can be used for the care of, for example, acne-prone skin or for washing skin lesions or sensitive areas. It is also used in preparations such as shower gels, because it helps to cleanse the skin, while soothing irritations and not sensitizing.


Two tablespoons of mullein, pour over a 1 liter of water. Then simmer the mixture for about 15 minutes, don't boil . It's best to drink half or a full cup a day

Oil for external use:

Two handfuls of fresh mullein flowers should be put into a jar and covered with about two glasses of olive oil. We leave the jar unscrewed for 2 weeks, shaking it from time to time. Then strain and keep the prepared oil in a cool and shaded place.


Side effects

None reported.


Allergy to herbal ingredients, but it is extremely rare and is most often manifested by skin irritation. Mullein must not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, because in these cases it may cause undesirable effects. It is best to consult a pediatrician or family doctor when giving mullein to children under 12 years of age.


100% natural, organic, no additives.

Our herbs are certified to not contain allergens and are GMO free, organic. Carefully collected from their wild sites. Free from environmental pollutions.

Packed in a paper pouch with ziplock, heat sealed to preserve the aroma and properties.


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