About Us


Our mission is to help you reconnect with nature so that you can achieve better health and fully enjoy life. 


We are a small, family-owned company. We hope you will appreciate our personal touch in everything we do. 

We love natural products and want to see you fall in love with them too. That is why we have partnered with manufacturers all over the world and created a unique range of natural herbs.


HerbShopUK was established in 2019 to provide an easy access to high quality organic herbs. We work very closely with herbalists and farmers in many different parts of the world to source high quality native products. This helps us successively and rapidly expand our offer.

We believe in the effectiveness of the herbs and preparations and we hope you can experience it too. To accomplish this, a rigorous selection of suppliers with the highest quality of ingredients and proper storage, is implemented at every stage. Another very important part of the process is to select the right product for different health problems. This in turn can help our members successfully reach the level of wellbeing they strive to achieve. We are therefore constantly working on the best possible and unique descriptions of the products on offer. You can find detailed information about every single herb on our blog. It is filled with invaluable advice and knowledge. 


Achieving quality has never been easy, although many companies brag about offering the best of the best. It requires experience, understanding, continuous learning, as well as a willingness to expand your personal views on health. What you do not know is that good herbs really work and they really help. This is such a great motivation for us to make life better and we hope it will be a great motivation for you too. 

Therefore if you are here for high quality products and competent service then you are in the right place. We are constantly developing and improving for your health’s benefit.

An efficient ordering process is our top priority, so you can expect a speedy delivery of your products. We try to pack and dispatch orders within 1 working day.


"Ordinary retailers", no, you will not find them here. That is why we are not advertising HerbShopUK online. We believe that a good product does not need to be promoted with paid advertising campaigns and that an honest approach will result in trust. Every person on the team uses HerbShopUk products on daily basis, usually starting the day with a herbal tea. On our shop’s pages you will find herbs that offer long lasting results with proven track records. If you have doubts about any products please email us, we are more than happy to help you. It works both ways, which means when we are sceptical about a product, you will not find it in our shop, even though it might be a best seller somewhere else. 

However what we do not offer is "miracle cures" for cancer, or magic one-time pills for everything. Nonetheless you can be 100% sure that our outstanding range of herbs, from all over the world, is one of the most unique selection of products available online . We are also successively developing and expanding our offer, with more and more exciting "fruits of nature" soon to be added to our collection for you to enjoy. Welcome to our magical garden, where we will explore the wonders of nature together.